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#1 Old 12-10-2007, 08:39 AM
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Vital wheat gluten seems impossible to get hold of unless I get it through mail order, so I bought some wholegrain spelt bread flour. I remember reading somewhere that this could be used to make decent seitan.

Is it worth trying this out do you think, will it work?
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apparently you can use bread flour and wash it (like in the recipe below). maybe spelt would work the same way?

it seems realisitic and plausable that it'd work- wheat is my enemy, so i've never done it, hopefully someone else has, cos it'd be good to know! good luck, anyway!
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Thanks for the link Jen, I'll give it a whirl some time!

I think I read that bread flour doesn't yield as much seitan as gluten if the same amounts of each are used, but the texture is the same.
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You would be better off using regular wheat flour over spelt flour, I would think. What you want is the gluten, and it seems that spelt flour has less of it. (Judging by the differences in wheat bread and spelt bread.)
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Ask at a bakery, they have (or know where to get) Vital Wheat Gluten or at least high gluten wheat flour.

Using the flour, you knead and rinse and knead and rinse and knead's a lengthy process but in the end you get the same results as with gluten flour (or vitel wheat gluten).

Where do you live?
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I'm inclined to agree with Froggy here, since spelt doesn't have the same gluten content as wheat. MrFalafel had posted a link to a UK online shop from where you could get all types of flour. I'll try and find it for you.

ETA: Here's the link:

And here is the thread:
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