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I have been searching all over to find out how to "wash" the quinoa.  with legumes, it is easy - you sort the beans on a countertop to remove rocks and dirt clods.  Quinoa, however, is very small in size and seems to harbor sand grains.


Once added to water, the quinoa sinks.  As does sand.

So how do you sort out the sand and gravel parts of the quinoa?

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Hi.  I've never had that experience with quinoa.  I wonder if you could try a different brand?  I don't know what brands I've used but they all came in boxes (not from a bulk food area)...if that helps.


You are sure it's sand and not just uncooked hulls from the grain itself, I assume.

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I have never had an issue with sand and pebbles in my quinoa either, and I have bought it in bulk.  But as far as washing it, I put it in a fine mesh strainer and run it under the sink and massage it with my hands a little bit.  Then I add it to a pan of water to cook (or a jar for sprouting).  This is supposed to remove some of the bitterness.  I think most quinoa sold in stores now is prerinsed though, depending on where you live?

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Huh. Maybe you'r not cooking it long enough, or with enough water?


I've had both bulk and Bob's Red Mill quinoa. I use a regular wire mesh strainer- like window screen mesh, and just rinse. I do for the sapon (sp?), not even grit. Never had any.


When I first used quinoa it was chewy and I guess gritty, but was from not cooking properly.


When cooked, they should look like itty bitty condoms starting to unroll!

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