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Don't mess with Ronald.

That's the message McDonald's Corp. Chief Executive Jim Skinner delivered Thursday to investors who want to retire the red-haired clown as part of broader efforts to stop the marketing of what critics consider unhealthy food to children.

"He is a force for good he does not hawk food," Skinner said of Ronald McDonald in a rebuttal to Deborah Lapidus, senior organizer at Corporate Accountability International, which launched a campaign in late March to do away with the mascot.

For anyone who may not have known, this group has been trying to get Ronald McDonald to retire for a little while now.

Here is a good article about it.

Retire Ronald Website

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He does not hawk food...still trying to get my mind wrapped around that. So I guess Charlie the Starkist Tuna and Sonny the Cocoa Puffs bird are great moral crusaders as well?

I doubt today's kids care much about ol' Ronald anyway. They're practically using iPhones while still in highchairs now.

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Is it really the kids fault that they don't know who to trust? I trusted everyone when i was a kid. I didn't develop any critical thinking skills until i was twenty two.
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