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I have been a vegetarian for over 8 years and have been raising my daughter vegetarian. I have been struggling with digestive and migraine issues for over 2 years. Yesterday I was diagnosed with ileocecal valve syndrome by a naturopath. The woman who examined me also has the syndrome and was raised vegetarian, She chose to change her diet as part of her treatment. It is understood that with the syndome it is nuts, popcorn and raw fruits and veggies cause irritation. To be treated by this woman means going on a natural meat and cooked veggie diet and getting body work done. In her experience this treatment has changed her life. She also understands that it is a moral decision and understands if I want to get care from a vegetarian practicioner. Where do I find a vegetarian practicioner? I believe in naturopathy, but most naturpoaths believe in a meat based diet. Any suggestions? Has anyone else been diagnosed with this and stayed on a vegetarian diet? I have some suppplements to help my intestines out for now.

can't wait for responses,

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Well, I haven't heard of the disorder until now, but I did some googling and found some stuff.

First, just so you know, not all naturopaths insist on a meat-based diet. The two I've seen are totally accepting of me as a vegetarian. You might want to call around and talk to some others about your case, and ask if they are willing to treat you while you maintain your vegetarianism.

Second, it rings alarm bells in my head that this ND just diagnosed you with this very difficult-to-diagnose disorder that she also has. That would make me suspicious, personally. I think some doctors are all too eager to diagnose you with whatever they are familiar with and feel they can treat. So I would get a second opinion for that reason, too.

From the few pages I saw that discussed it, it didn't seem like you would need to eat meat to stick to the diet--just to avoid irritating and high-fiber foods for a period of a few weeks. Low-fiber diets are very bad for most people in the long term, however.
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As Mollygoat said, it is always a red flag when a practitioner diagnoses you with the same unusual ailment they have... there's even a name for it (though it escapes me now... some sort of "syndrome"..).

That is NOT to say she's not diagnosing you accurately. What sort of tests have you had to get this diagnosis?

I would absolutely get a second opinion. Meat is considerably harder on any digestive system than a plant based diet, though you may want to watch the amount of fiber you take in.

Good luck.
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I do not have naturopathic insurance. I am fortunate to live near the NAtional College of Naturpathic Medicine. I can attend a community clinic for $15. The school in general supports a high protein and meat based diet. I was feeling that my only option for naturpathic care was with the college. I did more searching and found a naturopath with sliding scale who with honor my diet. Whew Hoo!
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