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#1 Old 04-19-2005, 02:24 PM
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My hands and feet are always really cold and clammy. It doesn't matter my environment, they just always are. The cold thing doesn't bother me that much, but they are always clammy and/or sweaty which is just ick. So, anything I can do about this?

My hands and feet are sometimes so cold that I can't even feel them, and that's when I'm inside, too.

And on the rare occasion when my hands are not cold, they get really clammy.

I don't think they've always been like this, is there something in my diet that's causing this?
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sounds like poor circulation...cold hands/feet are very common in females. try to get in 2-3 good cardio(20+ min) workouts a week, that should help alot. also give a good Ginko Biloba extract a try, this should help too. GinkGold is the best imo, gaia herbs next, solgar after that.... dont go with a cheap no-name brand).

OF COURSE you should not take any herbs without 1st checking for interactions with any medication your on with your doctor

also, go get a physical... your blood pressure might be low. have your doctor do some bloodwork, get a CMP(comprehensive metabolic panel) and get your calcium(especiallllly if your vegan) and iron checked.

good luck
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