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I am [I]fairly[I] new to eating vegan and am struggling with severe reactions to legumes. As a child I was diagnosed with an allergy to peanuts but other legumes were not addressed. However, as an adult, I am realizing that ANY legume causes worse problems than peanuts. Since so much of a vegetarian diet and the recipes I find revolve around various legumes, ie soy, lentils, beans, etc. I was wondering if anyone else struggled with this and how they addressed it?
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Have you tried fermented legumes such as tempeh to see if you have the same reactions?

I can't imagine trying to stick to a vegan diet without legumes. I mean, you can drink rice milk or almond milk, and get a certain amount of protein for nuts, but legumes are a pretty important staple.
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i think a trip to an allergist, then a nutritionist, is in order- to find out exactly whats going on. if its a classical food allergy, you could maybe have shots, but if it turns out to be something else causing similar symptoms, a different strategy might be needed. either way you need proper professional support to make sure you're getting everything you need out of your diet, nutrient wise, and not putting your health at risk.
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^ +1

And I know that there are a few people who suffer from allergies to things like soy.... I don't know if anyone is allergic to all legumes. In theory you should be able to survive without those things in your diet.... I don't actually eat very many legumes myself and do fine. But as hoodedclawjen said, a nutritionist would be the first step in trying to figure out a way around this.
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