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#1 Old 07-11-2004, 07:54 PM
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Can someone point me in the direction of a website, or book that has a list of food ingredients and what they ACTUALLY mean?

Ive only been at this a week, and i have no idea what some of that mumbo jumbo MEANS on packages. I stood in the bread isle trying to figure out what all that crud meant for at least a good 15 min the other day. Why cant products just have the ingredients they need to and not a bunch of chemicals. It really makes me mad. I want bread with flour and water and whatever else it takes to make basic ol bread. If i have to I guess I'll resort to making more of my own stuff. *sigh*

So yeah if someone can help me out with that it'd be great. Thanks.
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This is a good place to start:


As far as bread goes - if you are in an area that carries Brownberry brand, they have a few vegan options.

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